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Tony's Useless Page

"..and the pickles, and the pickles, and the pickles..." -Dane Cook

 New Links and Updates -                                                     

Info Page
Dane Cook - Juice should not wear tights!
My movies - a complete list
MetroParksLAN: News - Info on this year's event
The Hitchhiker's Guide Movie!!!!!!                                                                                                                                            


-Info Page added

-movies updated 5/12/04

-Link to Dane Cook

-Hitchhiker's Guide Site updated 4/27/04

-movies updated 4/19/04

Webcam -sometimes it's on ,sometimes it isn't


God I love this

- I added a wish list to the movie section 2/8/04


- Movie list updated 2/24/04

- Hitchhiker's Guide site added 2/3/04

- Entire site redone 2/1/04


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