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Genre Movie Title Format Video Collection ID
Action Boondock Saints (the) dvd ltrbx 258
Action Chinese Connection (the) dvd ltrbx 259
Action Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon dvd ltrbx 1
Action Darkman dvd ltrbx 2
Action Die Hard dvd ltrbx 3
Action Die Hard 2 : Die Harder dvd ltrbx 4
Action Die Hard with a Vengeance dvd ltrbx 5
Action Face Off vhs ltrbx 6
Action Fight Club dvd ltrbx 7
Action Fists of Fury dvd ltrbx 260
Action Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade dvd ltrbx 8
Action Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom dvd ltrbx 9
Action Jurassic Park dvd ltrbx 10
Action Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels dvd ltrbx 11
Action Lord of the Rings :The Fellowship of the Ring dvd ltrbx 12
Action Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers dvd ltrbx 251
Action Matrix (the) dvd ltrbx 239
Action Matrix Reloaded (the) dvd ltrbx 261
Action Mission Impossible vhs ltrbx 13
Action Pulp Fiction dvd ltrbx 14
Action Raiders of the Lost Ark dvd ltrbx 15
Action Reservoir Dogs dvd ltrbx 16
Action Rock (the) dvd ltrbx 17
Action Run Lola Run dvd ltrbx 18
Action Speed vhs 19
Action Snatch dvd ltrbx 20
Action Spider-Man dvd ltrbx 21
Action Superman dvd ltrbx 22
Action Superman 2 dvd ltrbx 23
Action T2 Judgement Day dvd ltrbx 24
Action X-Men dvd ltrbx 254
Action X2 : X-Men Unite dvd ltrbx 262
Comedy Adventures of Ford  Fairlane (the) vhs 25
Comedy Airplane! vhs 26
Comedy American Pie dvd ltrbx 27
Comedy Animal House vhs ltrbx 28
Comedy Austin Powers : International Man of Mystery vhs 29
Comedy Baseketball dvd ltrbx 225
Comedy Back to the Future dvd ltrbx 227
Comedy Back to the Future II dvd ltrbx 228
Comedy Back to the Future III dvd ltrbx 229
Comedy Being John Malkovich dvd ltrbx 30
Comedy Big vhs 31
Comedy Big Lebowski (the) dvd ltrbx 32
Comedy Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey dvd ltrbx 33
Comedy Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure dvd ltrbx 34
Comedy Blazing Saddles vhs 35
Comedy Blues Brothers (the) dvd ltrbx 272
Comedy Chasing Amy dvd ltrbx 36
Comedy Christmas Vacation dvd 37
Comedy Clerks dvd ltrbx 38
Comedy Clifford vhs 39
Comedy Dogma dvd ltrbx 40
Comedy Dr Strangelove dvd 41
Comedy Ed Wood vhs 42
Comedy Ghostbusters dvd ltrbx 43
Comedy Grosse Point Blank dvd ltrbx 44
Comedy Happy Gilmore vhs 45
Comedy Hardware Wars dvd 46
Comedy High Spirits vhs 237
Comedy In & Out vhs 48
Comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back dvd ltrbx 226
Comedy Jerk (the) dvd 274
Comedy Johnny Dangerously dvd ltrbx 236
Comedy Kentucky Fried Movie dvd ltrbx 49
Comedy Kids in the Hall Brain Candy vhs 50
Comedy Little Shop of Horrors vhs 51
Comedy Made dvd ltrbx 248
Comedy Mallrats dvd ltrbx 52
Comedy Man on the Moon dvd ltrbx 53
Comedy Money Pit (the) vhs 54
Comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail dvd ltrbx 55
Comedy Monty Python's Life of Brian dvd ltrbx 56
Comedy Monty Python's Meaning of Life vhs 57
Comedy O Brother Where Art Thou? dvd ltrbx 58
Comedy Ocean's 11 dvd ltrbx 233
Comedy Office Space vhs 59
Comedy Old School dvd ltrbx 241
Comedy Raising Arizona vhs 60
Comedy Reefer Madness dvd 61
Comedy The Royal Tenenbaums dvd ltrbx 139
Comedy Scrooged dvd ltrbx 62
Comedy Spaceballs dvd ltrbx 63
Comedy Swingers dvd ltrbx 64
Comedy Teen Wolf dvd ltrbx 65
Comedy Teen Wolf Too dvd ltrbx 66
Comedy There's Something About Mary vhs 67
Comedy This is Spinal Tap dvd ltrbx 68
Comedy Three Amigos vhs 69
Comedy Tommy Boy vhs 70
Comedy Top Secret dvd ltrbx 71
Comedy UHF dvd ltrbx 181
Comedy Wayne's World vhs 72
Comedy Weird Science vhs 73
Comedy What's Up Tigger Lily? vhs 74
Comedy Wrong Guy (the) vhs 231
Comedy Young Frankenstein dvd ltrbx 75
Drama p Pi dvd ltrbx 247
Drama A Clockwork Orange dvd ltrbx 76
Drama American History X dvd ltrbx 77
Drama Apartment (the) dvd 78
Drama Apollo 13 vhs 79
Drama As Good as it Gets vhs 80
Drama Barry Lyndon dvd 81
Drama Benny and Joon dvd ltrbx 267
Drama Bonnie and Clyde dvd ltrbx 82
Drama Boogie Nights dvd ltrbx 83
Drama Brazil dvd ltrbx 84
Drama Breakfast Club (the) vhs 85
Drama Citizen Kane dvd  86
Drama Elephant Man (the) vhs 87
Drama Fargo vhs 88
Drama Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas dvd ltrbx 240
Drama Fisher King (the) vhs 89
Drama Forrest Gump vhs 90
Drama Full Metal Jacket dvd 91
Drama Godfather (the) dvd ltrbx 92
Drama Godfather part 2 (the) dvd ltrbx 93
Drama Godfather part 3 (the) dvd ltrbx 94
Drama Good Will Hunting vhs 95
Drama Goodfellas vhs ltrbx 96
Drama Graduate (the) vhs 97
Drama Jerry McGuire vhs 98
Drama JFK dvd ltrbx 99
Drama Leaving Las Vegas vhs 100
Drama Lolita dvd 101
Drama Magnolia dvd ltrbx 102
Drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest vhs 103
Drama Quiz show vhs 104
Drama Rain Man vhs 105
Drama Rocky dvd ltrbx 106
Drama Rocky 2 dvd ltrbx 107
Drama Rocky 3 dvd ltrbx 108
Drama Rocky 4 dvd ltrbx 109
Drama Rocky 5 dvd ltrbx 110
Drama Saving Private Ryan dvd ltrbx 111
Drama Scent of a Woman vhs 112
Drama Shawshank Redemption (the) dvd ltrbx 113
Drama Sliding Doors vhs 114
Drama Sling Blade dvd ltrbx 115
Drama Stand by Me vhs 116
Drama Sting (the) vhs ltrbx 117
Drama Taxi Driver vhs/dvd ltrbx 118
Family A Bug's Life dvd ltrbx 119
Family A Christmas Carol dvd 120
Family Aladdin vhs 121
Family Christmas Story dvd ltrbx 273
Family Creature Comforts dvd 122
Family E.T. dvd ltrbx 123
Family Fantasia vhs 124
Family Goonies (the) dvd ltrbx 125
Family Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets dvd ltrbx 235
Family Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone dvd ltrbx 223
Family How the Grinch Stole Christmas vhs 126
Family Lion King (the) vhs 127
Family Muppets Take Manhatten dvd ltrbx 230
Family Nightmare Before Christmas dvd 128
Family Pee-Wee's Big Adventure dvd ltrbx 129
Family Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys dvd 271
Family Princess Bride (the) dvd ltrbx 130
Family Shrek dvd/ dvd ltrbx 131
Family Spirited Away dvd ltrbx 249
Family Sword in the Stone (the) dvd 132
Family Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dvd ltrbx 133
Family Toy Story dvd ltrbx 134
Family Toy Story 2 dvd ltrbx 135
Family Transformers : the movie dvd 136
Family Tron dvd ltrbx 137
Family Who Framed Roger Rabbit dvd ltrbx 234
Family Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory dvd ltrbx 138
Family Wizard of Oz (the) dvd ltrbx 140
Horror 28 Days Later dvd ltrbx 270
Horror A Nightmare on Elm St dvd ltrbx 141
Horror A Nightmare on Elm St. 3 Dream Warriors dvd ltrbx 142
Horror An American Werewolf in London dvd ltrbx 143
Horror Army of Darkness dvd ltrbx 144
Horror Blair Witch Project (the) dvd 145
Horror Creepshow dvd ltrbx 244
Horror Dagon dvd ltrbx 146
Horror Dawn of the Dead vhs ltrbx 147
Horror Day of the Dead dvd ltrbx 148
Horror Dead Alive vhs 149
Horror Dog Soldiers dvd ltrbx 150
Horror Donnie Darko dvd ltrbx 231
Horror Event Horizon vhs 151
Horror Evil Dead dvd ltrbx 152
Horror Evil Dead 2 : Dead by Dawn vhs ltrbx/dvd ltrbx 153
Horror Exorcist (the) vhs ltrbx/dvd ltrbx 154
Horror Final Destination dvd ltrbx 155
Horror Freaks vhs 156
Horror Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare vhs 157
Horror Freddy vs. Jason dvd ltrbx 268
Horror Friday the 13th vhs 158
Horror Friday the 13th part 2 vhs 159
Horror Friday the 13th part 3 dvd ltrbx 245
Horror Friday the 13th part 4 :The Final Chapter dvd ltrbx 246
Horror From Dusk Till Dawn dvd ltrbx 160
Horror Halloween dvd ltrbx 161
Horror Halloween 2 vhs 162
Horror Halloween H20 vhs 163
Horror House 2 : the second story dvd ltrbx 164
Horror House dvd ltrbx 165
Horror House of the Dead dvd ltrbx 263
Horror In the Mouth of Madness dvd ltrbx 166
Horror Jaws dvd ltrbx 167
Horror Lost Boys (the) vhs 168
Horror Night of the Living Dead dvd ltrbx 169
Horror Psycho vhs ltrbx 170
Horror Return of the Living Dead dvd ltrbx 242
Horror  Ring (the) dvd ltrbx 232
Horror Satan's Cheerleaders dvd 171
Horror Scream vhs ltrbx 172
Horror Scream 2 vhs 173
Horror Shining (the) dvd 174
Horror Stir of Echoes dvd ltrbx 175
Horror Tales From the Crypt vhs 176
Horror Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the) dvd ltrbx 177
Horror Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 vhs ltrbx 178
Horror The Thing dvd ltrbx 224
Horror Versus dvd ltrbx 269
Horror Wes Craven's New Nightmare dvd ltrbx 179
Horror Willard dvd ltrbx 257
Horror Zombie dvd ltrbx 253
Musical Cannibal the Musical dvd  180
Musical Chicago dvd ltrbx 250
Musical Grease vhs ltrbx 182
Musical Little Shop of Horrors dvd ltrbx 183
Musical Rocky Horror Picture Show dvd ltrbx 184
Sci-Fi 2001: A Space Odyssey dvd 185
Sci-Fi Day the Earth Stood Still (the) dvd 186
Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet vhs 187
Sci-Fi Independence Day vhs 188
Sci-Fi Men in Black vhs 189
Sci-Fi Plan 9 From Outer Space dvd 190
Sci-Fi Planet of the Apes dvd ltrbx 191
Sci-Fi Predator dvd ltrbx 192
Sci-Fi Species dvd 243
Sci-Fi Star Wars I : The Phantom Menace dvd ltrbx 193
Sci-Fi Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones   194
Sci-Fi Star Wars IV : A New Hope vhs ltrbx 195
Sci-Fi Star Wars V :The Empire Strikes Back vhs ltrbx 196
Sci-Fi Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi vhs ltrbx 197
Sci-Fi Tron dvd ltrbx 223
Sci-Fi X-Files (the) vhs ltrbx 198
Suspense/Thriller 12 Monkeys vhs ltrbx 199
Suspense/Thriller American Psycho dvd ltrbx 200
Suspense/Thriller Eyes Wide Shut dvd  201
Suspense/Thriller Fugitive (the) vhs 202
Suspense/Thriller Game (the) vhs 203
Suspense/Thriller Just Cause dvd ltrbx 204
Suspense/Thriller One Hour Photo dvd ltrbx 230
Suspense/Thriller Player (the) vhs 205
Suspense/Thriller Seven dvd ltrbx 206
Suspense/Thriller Signs dvd ltrbx 47
Suspense/Thriller Silence of the Lambs dvd ltrbx 207
Suspense/Thriller Sixth Sense dvd ltrbx 208
Suspense/Thriller Unbreakable dvd ltrbx 210
Suspense/Thriller Usual Suspects dvd ltrbx 209
TV 24 : season 1 dvd ltrbx 255
TV 24 :season 2 dvd ltrbx 256
TV Amazing Stories : Book 2 vhs 238
TV Comedy The Critic complete series dvd 265
TV Comedy Eddie Izzard Glorious vhs ltrbx 211
TV Comedy Family Guy : seasons 2 and 3 dvd 264
TV Comedy Loony Toons gold dvd 266
TV Comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus vol.1 dvd 212
TV Comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus vol.2 dvd 213
TV Comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus vol.3 dvd 214
TV Comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus vol.7 dvd 215
TV Comedy MST3K Mitchell vhs 216
TV Comedy MST3K Pod People vhs 217
TV Comedy MST3K Shorts vol.2 vhs 218
TV Comedy MST3K The Unearthly vhs 219
TV Comedy Rutles :All You Need is Cash vhs 220
TV Comedy Simpsons season 1 dvd 221
TV Comedy Simpsons season 2 dvd 252
TV Comedy Simpsons season 3 dvd 222